Miamians' Selfie-Stick Singalong Goes Viral After Car Mishap
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Miamians' Selfie-Stick Singalong Goes Viral After Car Mishap

The selfie-stick craze has taken Miami by storm, so it's no surprise that when four locals were on a road trip from Miami to L.A. they decided to take one along. In fact, Marco Ferro and his friends were driving along when they decided to breakout the selfie stick and record a singalong to Player's infectiously schmaltzy 1978 single "Baby Come Back." Yes, that song about how "you can blame it all on me." 

Except that during the singalong the group had some unexpected car tousle. 

Yep, you can blame it all on the tire. It blew out just as the group was in the middle of that chorus. 

After asking if everyone was OK, one of the women in the car says, "We're not posting that video." 

Marco Ferro however did, and its now reached over 1.2 million views and is represented by viral video site Break.com. According to the next video posted on Ferro's account, the group did keep traveling west and eventually reached Sedona, Arizona. 

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