Miami Resident Actually Awarded for Safe Driving

Riptide has this theory that if you stay in Miami long enough, something in the air infuses with your DNA, rendering you a horrible, miserable driver. Well, either the curious case of Pablo Benitez throws a cog in our little theory, or he's the exception that proves the rule.

Benitez, a Con-way freight driver, recently was awarded for driving his 1 millionth safe mile. Yep, a million miles without a single accident. Benitez has been driving for more than 16 years, most of that on treks outside of Miami, but still, it's kind of amazing that this city breeds any decent drivers. In listacle after listacle, Miami is consistently named for having the angriest, rudest, and worst drivers.

While he'll join about 1,250 Con-way drivers who have reached the milestone before, he'll stand alone as the only safe and sane driver in a county of millions. 

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