Off-Duty Miami Cop Reportedly Shoots Ex-Girlfriend's New Boyfriend

Off-Duty Miami Cop Reportedly Shoots Ex-Girlfriend's New Boyfriend
City of Miami Police
Two days ago, an off-duty Miami Police firearms instructor was shopping at a West Kendall Publix when he reached into his pocket and accidentally fired his gun, grazing an innocent woman standing nearby.

Today another off-duty Miami cop shot someone. Miami-Dade Police announced that a still-unnamed City of Miami officer got into an argument with a man in North Miami-Dade early this morning and wound up shooting the guy. According to NBC 6 South Florida (WTVJ), the cop shot his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

MDPD said in a release that the off-duty Miami cop was dropping off 19-year-old Diamond Watts at a home on NW 114th Street at 2:12 a.m. Watts exited the car, but before she made it into the house, 29-year-old Antwan Brown walked out and began arguing with her.

According to the police statement, Brown then approached the off-duty cop, who was sitting in his personal car, and a scuffle ensued. Police spokespeople did not say whether Brown brandished a weapon, but the off-duty officer sure did: The cop whipped out his own gun and shot Brown, who was later transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical but stable condition.

Brown's cousin told NBC 6 this morning that the cop used to date Watts — and that Watts is now dating Brown. The officer reportedly shot Brown three times.
MDPD is now investigating to determine if the Miami officer negligently or wrongfully fired his weapon.

Though it's still unclear what sparked the incident, statistics show police officers have higher rates of domestic or family violence than members of the general population. According to figures from the National Center for Women and Policing, domestic and partner violence is two to four times more common among law enforcement families than among members of the public at large.
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