Miami Plastic Surgeon Accused of Waterboarding His Girlfriend Over Facebook Post

Orlando Llorente, a Kendall-based plastic surgeon, faces charges of kidnapping and attempted murder for allegedly torturing his girlfriend for nearly 16 hours after he read a message she'd posted on Facebook.

The incident occurred April 21 in the couple's Brickell apartment.

Llorente, 41, confronted his 36-year-old girlfriend about a message he had seen posted on her page a few days earlier, and the two got into an argument. However, things quickly escalated after Llorente grabbed the woman by her hair and forced her head into the toilet. He then began banging her head on the floor while, according to the arrest report, "demanding the truth."

He then held a wet rag against her face, covered her nose, and poured water on her face in a manor similar to waterboarding, police say. He also punched her several times in the face and threatened to kill her. The victim eventually lost consciousness.

Llorente allegedly held the woman against her will for 12 to 16 hours as the attacks continued.

He let her go only after she convinced him that she wouldn't tell anyone about the attack. Then she contacted police, who arrested Llorente.

Llorente's lawyer wrote in a statement to CBS 4: "He reached out to law enforcement, through his lawyers, when these false allegations surfaced. We are disappointed that our requests for more time in which to present a thorough and thoughtful examination into the source of the allegations and the facts surrounding them was declined."

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