Huge Brawl at University of Miami-Notre Dame Game Caught on FilmEXPAND
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Huge Brawl at University of Miami-Notre Dame Game Caught on Film

Perhaps don't name your football team after a drunk ethnic stereotype hell-bent on violence. Notre Dame's staggeringly drunk leprechaun mascot doesn't seem to encourage great behavior. After the University of Miami Hurricanes laid a 41-8 beatdown on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this past Saturday, two drunk-looking Irish fans decided to take on an even bigger task than challenging the Canes on the field: punching their way out of a stadium packed with 66,000 extremely happy and intoxicated UM fans.

Thankfully, a college kid with a seemingly new iPhone (thanks to Apple, college kids can now film fight videos in beautiful, 60-frames-per-second HD) caught the battle on video. Two stocky-looking Notre Dame fans square up against what looks to be an endless sea of orange-clad bodies. The two hapless fans jaw back and forth with the UM kids for a few seconds — until a Canes fan dumps a beer on one of the Notre Dame kids.

In response, the Fighting Irish commence to brawlin'. One of the Notre Dame fans throws a haymaker at a UM student, seemingly unworried he'll then need to bludgeon his way through 30,000 other people, Dynasty Warriors-style. And because this is 2017, it seems nearly every Miami bro involved in the fight is wearing a "Turnover Chain" T-shirt:

Miami-Dade County Police Department spokesperson Lee Cowart said he wasn't aware of any arrests made in relation to the battle.

"There were several fights, which is, unfortunately, not out of the ordinary," Cowart said.

To be honest, these Fighting Irish put up a better showing than the football team they came to watch. In the video, the Notre Dame fans are seen landing a few solid punches, including one swing at the 27-second mark that sends a hapless Miami fan flying off his feet and onto his behind.

But no amount of drunken violence can erase the on-field results from Saturday: Miami crushed Notre Dame and is now ranked number two overall and in contention for the NCAA football championship for the first time in more than a decade.

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