Miami Model Arrested for Extorting YesJulz Set to Star in E! Reality Show

Miami is to new reality shows what Rio is to shoddy Olympic construction projects, so you're forgiven if you missed the news yesterday that E! is debuting the 305-set show WAGS Miami. The series will be about the "wives and girlfriends of sports stars" (hence "WAGS").

In the new show's cast, E! notes in a release sent out yesterday, is Hencha Voigt, a woman who has "fallen in and out of love" with a Boston Celtics basketball player, dated numerous Miami Heat and Miami Marlins players, and made an appearance on the HBO series Ballers alongside Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. 

But the network's public relations team failed to mention that Miami Beach Police arrested the 28-year-old last week after she allegedly tried to extort $18,000 from Miami's "Snapchat Queen," Julieanna Goddard, better known by her social media handle YesJulz.

The arrest was one of the strangest crimes to rock the emerging world of social media modeling. The revelation that Voigt is set to star in a TV series makes the ordeal seem even stranger.

Two weeks ago, Voigt and an accomplice somehow got their hands on some nude photographs and videos that had been locked away on YesJulz's phone, according to arrest reports obtained by New Times. The pair then texted YesJulz and demanded $18,000 to prevent the images from getting released:

"18k cash there [sic] on usb you can have them back as I said you dope chick," Voigt's partner, Wesley Victor, allegedly said. YesJulz then agreed to meet the duo July 21 outside the Standard Spa, which sits on the chic Belle Isle off the Venetian Causeway.

Instead, Miami Beach Police arrested the pair. As police approached the car, they say, Voigt was seen trying to hide a cell phone by sitting on it. The cops also say Victor admitted to the alleged extortion plot during the arrest.

Police haven't said how they believe Voigt — a semifamous SnapChat model in her own right — got her hands on YesJulz's private photos. YesJulz herself declined to speak with New Times.

But depending upon how you look at it, the arrest could not come at a better and/or worse time for Voigt, who's set to star in a show on a network that already hosts the Kardashians, the #RichKidsOfBeverlyHills, numerous plastic-surgery programs, and whatever this is. 

For E!, there is truly no such thing as bad publicity, and the trailer for the last season of WAGS, set in Los Angeles, included multiple nude scenes, burping, lots of sex talk, and apparently bottomless Moscow mules. The sort of person who'd allegedly extort a fellow model for cash is probably encouraged to audition.

Voigt has been trying to break into the entertainment world for some time. According to her IMDb page, she played the character of "Tyrone's Ex-Girlfriend" in an abysmal-looking independent film called Basketball Girlfriend in 2014, as well as the role of "Caribbean Model" in a 2014 film called Work It!

Somewhere along the line, it appears she instead worked her way into some exclusive circles as a dancer and music video model: E!'s PR team gracefully links Voigt to a player "previously of the Boston Celtics," and numerous online gossip sites mention her alongside former Celtic Glen "Big Baby" Davis. (It appears she and Davis appeared at at least one Orlando club together in 2013.)

Here she is bragging about getting hammered with Dr. Dre and Ludacris in Abu Dhabi:

The network also says Voigt works as a "fitness model and trainer" and has "crushed many fashion runways and modeled commercially."

WAGS Miami is set to premiere October 2, and it seems filming has already wrapped for the season. As for why Voigt would allegedly blackmail another, more famous model for a quick $18,000 after wrapping up a season on TV, we've reached out to E! for some answers.
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Jerry Iannelli is a former staff writer for Miami New Times from 2015 to March 2020. He graduated with honors from Temple University. He then earned a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University.