Miami Man, Accused of Trying to Steal $14 Trillion from the IRS, Pleads Guilty to Measly $9 Million Scheme

Dammit, Marlon T. Moore. You are no longer living up to your nickname.

The 38-year-old Miami resident, known far and wide as "X-Large Moore," earned his moniker the hard way in June when the feds accused him of trying to swindle the IRS out of a cool $14 trillion. Yeah, trillion, with a t.

Back in December 2007, Moore walked out of the pen in Coleman, Florida, after a six-year sentence for money laundering as part of a Liberty City cocaine ring, and decided to up the ante. 

Moore filed separate tax returns asking for $5 trillion, $6 trillion, and $2.97 trillion. Why? Because he's X-Large. That's why.

Alas, Uncle Sam's sharp eye caught on to Moore's brilliant plan, and federal agents charged him this past June with four counts of submitting false claims.

This morning, Moore pleaded guilty to one of those counts, for a meager $9 million. That's a large amount of money -- but X-Large? Afraid not.

Moore faces up to five years in prison. He'll be sentenced November 18.

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