Miami Makes List of Top Ten Grinchiest Cities

The Daily Beast has giving us a new listicle gift for the holidays (listicles are basically the internet equivalent of fruit cake) and apparently Miami is the country's 10th "Grinchiest" city. Which means we apparently hate Christmas so very, very much. We apparently neither buy each other enough gifts, donate to charities, get time off, or volunteer. This is apparently how you celebrate the holidays, I guess, according to the Daily Beast.

From The DB:

To find America's grinchiest cities, we took a broad look at how people choose to spend their money and time. To measure the gift-giving of each resident, we took into account retail spending data from, a database of spending data culled from government and private sources, and divided by each city's annual wage (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics), to see how many dollars were spent at retail stores during November and December 2009 per dollar earned last year. We also found the average contribution per dollar earned to charitable organizations for all households filing itemized tax returns, according to data from National Center for Charitable Statistics.

But we also wanted to know how generous residents are with their time. We looked at the volunteer rate stated by Volunteering in America. Finally, we looked at the average weekly hours worked in each city, also from the BLS. (After all, being forced to work longer hours is a holiday no-no from the days of Ebenzer Scrooge.)

Ugh, that is so much math. Anyway, Miami came in at numero ten on the list of thirty:
Percentage of annual wage spent during holidays: 1.8

Percentage of population that volunteers: 14.8

Average percentage of earnings donated: 3.6

Average weekly hours worked: 36

Boston came in as the number one Grinchiest city. While we hate that town with a passion (yeah, yeah, tell your Pats and Celtics to suck it for Christmas), we can agree that they, like us, are probably celebrating the holidays in real ways not taken into account here: eating and drinking until you pass out! 'Tis the true reason for the season.

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Kyle Munzenrieder