Miami Is Losing Its Buzz

Do you remember the citywide excitement last year when Miami was named the third most caffeinated city in the United States? Don't you remember all the parades and the front-page headlines and the outpouring of civic pride? Remember how we danced? Oh, how we danced, while each downing ten café cubanos in a row!

Well, guess what? The buzz wore off, and this year we've fallen off the top five list in this very important scientific survey. See the top five this year, after the jump.
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1.  Tampa 
2.  Seattle   
3.  Chicago  
4.  New York 
5.  Los Angeles 

Yeah, Tampa -- that annoying little city that's always cramping our style. I know way too many of you get your kicks with less legal substances, but seriously, it's time to start reclaiming the glory for 2009. Believe me, I work hard on this every single day, downing ungodly amounts of caffeine, but I can't do it alone. 

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