Miami Hurricanes Show Interest in Wayne Gretzky's Quarterback Son

Don't be surprised if you see hockey star Wayne Gretzky's son Trevor in a Hurricanes jersey some day.

No, not the NHL team in Carolina, the original Miami Hurricanes. And we don't mean the school is starting up a hockey team either, we're talking football.

Trevor Gretzky is heading into his senior season as quarterback at Oaks Christian in Westlake Village, California. The same school that produced Jimmy Clausen and Nick Montana, yes the son of Joe.

So the 6'3 athlete apparently has some serious skill, enough to pique the interest of three major football programs, even though he had to wait for Nick Montana to graduate to take over starting duties.

"I'm receiving interest from UCLA, Arizona State and Miami," Gretzky tells ESPN.

It's no coincidence that those schools also have three of the best baseball programs in the country. Gretzky's a double-threat, and hopes that whatever school recruits him for football lets him walk-on for baseball too.

Of course, with the utter craziness that is college football recruiting, who knows where he'll wind up a year from now.

Plus, if Miami is really serious about recruiting Gretzky, we hope that he really does have the skill to follow in the footsteps of Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Ginno Torretta, and Vinny Testaverde.

Some other schools can afford the publicity of having the son of sports royalty play for them (Hey, UCF Basketball, How's Marcus Jordan working out?), but fans in Miami aren't exactly the biggest hockey fans to begin with and care more about the score on the board than the name on the jersey.

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