Miami Heat's Burnie Injures Other Mascots During Failed Birthday Stunt

A who's who of Miami's mascot community came out last night to American Airlines Arena to "Feel the Burn." No, that's not a political statement. It was Miami Heat mascot Burnie's birthday, and the team celebrated it during the game against the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Some of the mascots ended up feeling more of the Burn than they intended, though. 

Everyone was there. University of Miami's Sebastian the Ibis. TD the Dolphin. Billy the Marlin. Both Stanley C. Panther of the Florida Panthers and Roary Panther of FIU. International celebrities like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty found time in their busy schedules to drop by. Even some mascots we didn't know existed — such as Bucky the Parrot of Barry University and Funship Freddy of Heat owner Micky Arison's Carnival Cruise Line — were in attendance. 

It looked like it started out as a fun time. 

Some of my fav friends here on my birthday!

A photo posted by BURNIE (@burniemiamiheat) on

But then, during halftime, Burnie forced all of his friends to lie down in a line so he could jump over them, and, well, it didn't go too well. 

Damn, how you gonna do your friends like that, Burnie? 

Here's the incident from another angle. 

Burnie gets up and walks off like he stuck the landing perfectly. We also like how Mickey Mouse and Sebastian the Ibis just shake their heads in terror instead of helping their mascot friends. Mascots are useless. 

Stanley the Panther apparently wasn't feeling too bad afterward. 

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