Miami Heat Have Yet Another Late-Game Meltdown, Get Swept By Bulls

The Miami Heat had yet another late-game collapse, losing yet another game at the buzzer and going down to yet another playoff-caliber team when they lost 87-86 to the Chicago Bulls yesterday. And while the Heat are now 0-6 against the Celtics and Bulls, and 1-9 against the NBA's top five teams, the bigger story is that their coach told everybody that some of the players were crying after the loss.

Hopefully this little nugget of information won't get picked up by twitter or other social networks and news outlets or anything.

The Bulls' Derrick Rose served up the massive cockpunches all day long with a 27 point, 5-assist game. And while the Heat blew another double-digit lead late in the game, they still had a chance to end the misery and finally win one with the last possession.

Again, Erick Spoelstra had the option to go to Dwyane Wade. Again, he opted to go with LeBron James instead. Again, LeBron failed to deliver. Again, Heat fans everywhere threw up in their pants.

With six seconds remaining in regulation, James drove to the basket and missed a left-handed layup that banked off the backboard. D-Wade ran down the loose ball and took a desperate arching jumpshot that nicked the rim. The Bulls took the one-point win while the Heat Dick-Biters Brigade celebrated with massive bonfires like the Ewoks at the end of Return of the Jedi.

The loss earns Miami an ass-pounding four-game losing streak, and drops them into third place in the East behind the Bulls, who took the season series four-games-to-none.

The Heat led by as many as 12 at one point, but Chicago outscored them 36-30 in the paint while their bench outscored Miami's 16-6.

Say what you will about a lack of "closing out games" by the Big Three. But the entire Heat roster not named James, Wade or Bosh has been a heaping serving of hot ass all season long.

James finished with 26 points, Chris Bosh with 23 and Dwyane Wade 20. Mario Chalmers finished with 11. The rest of the team: a combined six points.

Mike Miller, whose pre-season thumb injury has somehow spread to the rest of his body, continues to wallow in putrid sucktitude, with an 0-5, one-point effort.

"We gotta be stubborn enough to continue and find the resiliency to break through," Erik Spoelstra told the media afterward during his postgame presser.

He then added:

"This is painful for every single one of us going through this. There are couple of guys crying right now in the locker room. It's not a matter of want. It's a matter of doing."

So on top of the fact that he refuses to draw up the final play for Wade or the fact that his team can't seem to hold leads or win at the buzzer, Coach Spo goes with the "resiliency breakthrough" speech and then tells the entire world that his players cry after losses. This seems like a good plan, Coach Spo!

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