Miami Free Times: The Smiths, Circuit Bending, Goombay, Twilight Book Party

Holy June! What the what? Weren't we just at the Winter bashes of Art Basel and Winter Music Conference? Time sure does fly when you're overworked. Still we toil on, presenting a free event for every day of the work week. For the next five days, you can dance at the shrine of The Smiths, learn how to make blog-house with a Speak N Spell, and party with other diehard twihards over the launch of the latest Twilight book -- all without opening your wallet.

Monday:  Yes, we found a free art exhibit for today, but you're just going to hover around a grill and put back some brews, so we're saving our breath.

Tuesday:  It's fitting that Miami's throwback cocktail lounge (Fox's) is hosting A Night of the Smiths, a no-cover, good time, dance party of '80s hits from Moz and friends.

Wednesday: Admit it, there's a little music engineer inside you

screaming to tweak all nearby gadgets into bleepy music-making synths.

Learn how  from an expert at this Wednesday's Circuit

Bending Workshop at Sweat Records. There's no fee, just bring your own gear to gut and


Thursday:  The weekend's Bahamian Goombay Festival kicks-off with a free happy hour, affectionately called the Pirate Reception, at Chili's in the Grove.

Friday: Twilight-author

Stephenie Meyers has a new book coming out - The Second Life of Bree

Tanner - so Books

& Books is hosting A

Night for Newborns, a book release party. Dress like your fav Cullen or wolf and show off your command of Twilight


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