Miami Fifth on List of Cities That Have Gotten Fatter Since Thanksgiving

Putting on a bit of weight during the winter months is to be expected in burgs covered in snow and lacking sun, but a new analysis from the Daily Beast shows Miami is fifth in cities that have gained the most weight since Thanksgiving.

Whoa! What's the deal here, Miami? There's barely been a moment since Turkey Day when it wasn't possible to go for a jog or hit up the beach. Yet 51.8 percent of us have packed on a little extra around the middle.

Of course, the Beast's numbers might not be the most representative. It gathered data from the DailyBurn, an online weight-, calorie-, and fitness-tracking site, so the info might not be the most legit. Still, though, no matter where the numbers came from, it's pretty shocking Miamians have packed on the pudge.

The Beast says 51.8 percent of people in the Miami metro area put on weight, and that on average, we all put on 8.49 pounds.

We fall behind only Richmond, Virginia; Indianapolis, Indiana; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Baltimore, Maryland. Jacksonville, Florida, also makes the top ten.

Come on, Miamians. It's time to shape up. It's going to be perfect beach weather in... well, OK, it's been perfect beach weather for the past six weeks. Break out those running shoes and get back to your aerobics classes.

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