The Dolphins' Season Is Over After an Embarrassing Blowout Loss in Buffalo

The jury is still out on who quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will be as a pro.
The jury is still out on who quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will be as a pro. Photo by Mark Brown/Getty
The Dolphins entered Sunday's game in Buffalo needing a win — or a loss by the Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, or Indianapolis Colts — in order to make the playoffs.

By the time Sunday ended, literally none of those things happened, including that last part about the Dolphins making the playoffs.

The Dolphins lost 56-26 to the Bills. The season is over. That's it. Thanks for coming out, everyone.

On the bright side, if 2021 is all about regaining a sense of normalcy, Miami Dolphins fans who are used to crushing end-of-the-year finishes that leave their team missing the playoffs are about as normal as it gets.
Besides the obvious playoff implications on the line on Sunday, the storyline leaving the season will undoubtedly be the play of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. From the vibes that were being thrown around on social media following the game, feelings about the Dolphins quarterback are not positive exiting the season.
Tua finished Sunday 35 of 58 for 361 yards, with one touchdown and three interceptions. Most of his positive output occurred in garbage time. Most of the players he had surrounding him on offense were garbage.

It's really impossible to judge the rookie off of what fans saw this season. General Manager Chris Grier and offensive coordinator Chan Gailey deserve to be gone.

The jury is still out on who Tua will be as a pro, given that his offseason was spent rehabbing from injury before he joined a Dolphins team with a lack of playmakers and an offensive coordinator who doesn't have a clue. The Dolphins will likely spend the next few months doing their best to find out who Tua is next season. That mission is likely to begin with a wide receiver taken at the top of this year's NFL Draft.

After the action on Sunday, the Dolphins now know where they'll be slotted.
So that's a wrap on another season of Miami Dolphins football. The Dolphins finished 10-6 and, once again, will be at home watching everyone else play for a championship. If there's one silver lining to it all, it's that Dolphins fans even had a season to watch in the first place.

Amid COVID, getting all 16 games in was a minor miracle. So, there is that.
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