Miami Dolphins Trade CB Vontae Davis, Continue Ignoring Need for Talent

The Miami Dolphins have traded former first-round pick Vontae Davis to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2013 second-rounder as well as a conditional late-round pick. Obviously, this is a move that makes sense on several fronts given the Midas-like wealth of talent the Dolphins possess at virtually every position on the field, Sean Smith's apparent brilliance during practice, the impressive depth delineated in the team's winless preseason campaign, and the impressive lineup of successful second-round picks Jeff Ireland and team have assembled throughout their tenure.

(In case you guys haven't realized it yet, that's an attempt at sarcasm and - to quote the great 1985 movie "Once Bitten" -- we'd better get ourselves a shovel because we are in deeeep shit.)

See, the Dolphins are not in the 'talent' business; they are in the 'character' business and as well all know it's true moral fortitude, manners, and opening-doors-for-little-old-ladies-and-calling-your-mother-every-day moxie that win football games.

That's why you undersell and trade off Brandon Marshall for two 3rd-round picks when you (i.e. the same person here, a.k.a. Jeff Ireland) acquired him for two 2nd-rounders.

Why would we need something like "talent" on a football field when we've got someone that is clearly immature, temporarily out of shape, whiny, and apparently has something of a urinary issue that requires him to run off the field every so often to evacuate his kidneys? Why?

Because at the age of 24 and at one of the most absolutely critical positions on the football field, you had a guy in Vontae Davis that had 150 tackles, 9 interceptions, 31 passes defended and a sack to boot in just three seasons

How, exactly, is the next walking stiff Jeff Ireland picks up in the 2nd-round going to rank against that?

The Miami Dolphins return to the gridiron on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. to face the Dallas Cowboys in Texas in another preseason tuneup.

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