Perfection: 1972 Undefeated Miami Dolphins Honored in Tua's Return, 16-10 Win

Off the field, the Dolphins celebrated '72. On the turf, Tua Tagovailoa prevailed over the Steelers.
Off the field, the Dolphins celebrated '72. On the turf, Tua Tagovailoa prevailed over the Steelers. Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images
Tua Tagovailoa came back to Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday, and so did veterans of the 1972 Miami Dolphins squad as part of a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the team's unmatched perfect season.

The Dolphins quarterback's return to the football field on Sunday night in Miami's 16-10 win over Pittsburgh Steelers marked his first appearance since suffering a scary concussion during the first half against the Bengals in Cincinnati on September 29.

Off the field — including on social media, where #72Dolphins trended all day Sunday — attention centered on a weekend-long celebration of the 1972 Dolphins' undefeated Super Bowl championship team. Below are just some of the highlights from festivities that climaxed with a win in a nationally televised game.

Seminole Hard Rock Salutes Perfection

It wouldn't be a Miami party without a pre-party, or, more specifically, a party that lasted an entire damn weekend, not just a couple of hours.

On Saturday night, former Dolphins from the storied 1972 undefeated team and seasons since visited with members of the press during a gala at the Hard Rock Hotel. On the NBC broadcast, announcers referenced the event throughout the game.

Commemorative Tickets and "Perfect Muesum"

Only the first 20,000 fans to enter the stadium on Sunday night were treated to commemorative game tickets, but everyone received the opportunity to experience a museum exhibit that included artifacts from the 1972 team and an exclusive look at memorabilia.

Come for the football, stay for the history!

Throwback Jerseys

It's not often that everyone can agree on something, but the unanimous consensus among even non-Miami supporters is the teams' clean throwback jerseys should be an every-week wardrobe. For now, the Dolphins only wear them on special occasions — and honoring the greatest team in NFL history definitely qualifies as special.

As part of the weekend-long celebration of the undefeated 1972 team, the Dolphins also unveiled a commemorative patch they'll wear on the fan-favorite throwback jerseys.

Throwback Concession Prices

Nothing says honoring the past like kicking inflation right in its ass with some throwback concession prices. The Dolphins didn't exactly take it back to the old school with these prices — Sam's Club has more affordable hot dog and soda deals on a random Tuesday — but it's a nice touch.

No word on what the beer prices were, but we're guessing they weren't throwing money away on throwback Budweiser prices.

Halftime Ceremony

The celebration of perfection culminated in a halftime ceremony honoring the 1972 Dolphins squad. Players — including honorary team captains for the night Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, Larry Little, and Paul Warfield — and family members took the field and were cheered by the home crowd.

Chances are a record that makes it 50 years unmatched just may make it another 50, so mark your calendars for the 100th-anniversary celebration of the greatest team in NFL history in 2072.  
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