Miami Dolphins Fans Lead the NFL in Being Addicted to Their Smart Phones During Games

Oh my God, I can't believe the Dolphins missed another first down / They're losing to the Chiefs / That's like so embarrassing / I can't even / Hey, do you wanna get another beer / I really need one / But first ... Let me take a #Selfie

Yes, apparently Miami Dolphins fans attending games at Sun LifeSstadium are doing just as much checking in on their social networks as they are actually watching the game. According to an analysis by AT&T, Dolphins fans lead the NFL in mobile data usage during games ... and it's not even a close call.

Of course, the findings come with a few caveats. AT&T, naturally, can only measure data of AT&T customers, so Sprint and Verizon customers aren't taken into account. The analysis also only take into account stadiums that have distributed antenna systems, meaning tiny cellphone antennas distributed throughout the stadium to enhance cell phone reception in the bowl.

Still, the results certainly point to the fact that Fins fans are obsessed with their smart phones.

Dolphins fans at the game used up 1,086 GB during last Sunday's game against Kansas City. AT&T says that's equivalent to posting more than 3.1 million social media post with photos. Official attendance was 70,313 people. Granted, people were likely using their data for more than just posting photos, but dayum.

New Orleans came in second place but they only used 576 GB. In fact, Dolphins fans are more phone obsessed than college kids. The top college game last week, at the University of Arkansas, only saw 669 GB used.

This isn't anything new. The Dolphins also dominated data usage during opening weekend. They used up 1,035 GB on AT&T's network during the Patriots game, or the equivalent of 2.9 million selfies.

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Kyle Munzenrieder

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