The Metro West Detention Center, where both the victim and suspect worked.
The Metro West Detention Center, where both the victim and suspect worked.
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Miami-Dade Corrections Officer Arrested for Allegedly Beating Girlfriend

Brian Nobles, a Miami-Dade County corrections sergeant, could find himself on the other side of the cell after being arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend. The victim claims that incident was just the latest in a line of physical assaults, and claims that Nobles even once assaulted her while he was on the job. 

The incident occurred on Friday night after the victim tried to end the abusive relationship. She told Nobles she wanted to leave him, but claims that Nobles had been drinking and started getting physical. He started poking the woman in her eye, and then proceeded to slap and choke her, according to Local 10. This all happened while the victim's young child was in the room.

That incident was enough for the victim and she decided to finally report the behavior to police, and claimed that Nobles had abused her multiple times in the past. 

Both Nobles and the victim work at the Metro West Detention Center, and back in May the pair got into an argument in the parking lot. Nobles was on duty while the victim was not. Nobles allegedly tried to rip off the woman's uniform, and then grabbed her gun and threatened to shoot her. Though he also gave her the option of shooting him. No shots were fired. 

Nobles had also allegedly beat the woman at home back in April by choking her and violently slapping her while he was on top of her. 

Nobles was arrested on Sunday on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and domestic battery by strangulation and battery. His bond has been set at $7,000 and he's been relieved of duty with pay. 

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