Miami-Dade Approves Bath Salts Ban

There's no proof yet that Rudy Eugene, the "Miami Zombie," was actually on bath salts when he chewed off a man's face, but the high-profile case and its rumored connection to the synthetic cocaine-like substance certainly played a part in the Miami-Dade County Commission granting initial approval to a ban of bath salts. 

The State of Florida already has bans on the sale of certain chemicals that were found in so-called synthetic marijuana and synthetic cocaine-like drugs, including bath salts. However, manufacturers were able to reformulate their products using other chemical combinations. 

The new ban now makes illegal the "sale, offer for sale, purchase with intent to sell and public display for sale prohibited of synthetic stimulant bath salts, synthetic cathinones, synthetic amphetamines and other synthetic stimulants that mimic illegal drugs." The language of the bill is stronger than similar state regulations, and aims stay one step ahead of manufacturers. 

Violators could face a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail. 

The commission unanimously approved of the ban, though it won't become law just yet. Final approval is set for July 3rd. 

Don't worry though. Mother's Day isn't ruined. Legitimate bath salts, the Baths and Bodyworks type, will remain legal. 

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