Miami Convenience Store Clerk Kills Would-Be Robber

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Riptide is a nonviolent blog, but we're all for self-preservation. And there really is no activity more South Floridian than pulling a gun and blasting on the schlub who just pulled a gun on you. So this evening, we propose a toast to the yet unnamed clerk at La Catrachita #2, the convenience store located at 1712 NW 36 St., who went all Gran Torino on an armed robber this afternoon. 

According to a Miami Police news bulletin, a man entered the convenience store just after 1 p.m. and attempted to stick up "multiple patrons." Instead, a clerk pulled a gun and "an exchange of gunshots took place between the subject and the store manager." The robber was struck, stumbled from the store, and collapsed dead around the corner.

It's not getting any results in Google Translate, but we're guessing "La Catrachita" means "The Large-Testicled Clerk."

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