Miami Carpetbagger Armando Gutierrez Drops Bid to Challenge Alan Grayson

Armando Gutierrez Jr., son of local power player Armando Gutierrez Sr., has dropped his bid to challenge lovably insane Orlanda-area Congressman Alan Grayson.

Gutierrez, who was born and raised in Miami, took up residence in Grayson's congressional district this year with the intent of running as a Republican against the divisive Democrat, but apparently ruffled the feathers of the local GOP

Instead he'll focus on bringing a professional baseball team to Orlando. 

"When I first mentioned baseball, I knew it would become an important economic driver and tax base for Central Florida. What I didn't realize was the underlying hunger and fan fever for a team. Today, I announce that I am withdrawing my bid for Congress and putting on my baseball cap," Gutierrez said in his drop-out statement.

Ugh, another MLB team in Florida? But it's kind of easy to see this as Gutierrez reading the tea leaves (or tea baggers) and figuring out his carpetbagger status might not be an asset. We wouldn't be surprised if this is his way of ingratiating himself into his new community, hedging his bets that Grayson wins re-election, and challenging him again sometime soon. 

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