Miami Beach's Original Fake Cop Car Returns for Ultra Music Festival

Last month, we were vexed by an empty police cruiser that sat for a whole month at the entrance to Palm Island. Soon after, we found out it was actually a decoy cop car and that Miami Beach Police used five others around the city to spook speeding drivers.

The fuzz was so devastated that we smoked out their big, secret decoy-cop-car project that they actually moved the immaculate white Crown Victoria Police Interceptor from its comfy spot overlooking the bay. Well, it's baaaaaack.

Over the weekend, we spotted the original fake -- the one that inspired our post, and really vitriolic comments from, possibly, MBPD spokesman Juan Sanchez -- silently judging all of those drivers going to South Beach. Why was it there? Did it return for the good weather? In anticipation of all the tanned drunks from Ultra?

Presumably, it's there as part of a regular rotation -- the causeway is,

of course, one of the more heavily traveled roads in the area. Sanchez, when

reached by phone, was noticeably pissed that we were once again poking

around the decoys and wouldn't confirm why the silly car had been

returned to the MacArthur Causeway. Or maybe he was just irked at our cover story about the department's thuggish alumni.

He would only say that publishing the location

of the car would jeopardize one of the department's security measures.

Mr. Sanchez, you do know that drivers can see inside the car, right?

Let's begin the countdown until it's removed again.

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Erik Maza