From mullets (before, above) to crew cuts (after, below)

Miami Beach Squad Cars Get New Paint Jobs

Think of cop cars as haircuts.

The former incarnation of Miami Beach patrol cars were like mullets: somewhat business oriented and vaguely patriotic but with more than a hint of party. Mostly white, the cars sport a playful red squiggle that run from the rear panels to the doors. The sides are decorated with three irregular stripes in red, blue, and – for a hint of tropical whimsy – light blue. Police is spelled out in a vaguely Tron-like red and black font. The whole package is worthy of a low-grade Atari game.

Say goodbye to the good times.

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As per new accreditation standards handed down by the national Association of Chiefs of Police, Miami Beach is phasing out the mullet cars in favor of hardcore black and white jobs. No squiggles, no color splashes. The new cars are as straight-ahead as crew cuts.

One officer hanging out next to his new ride on Lincoln Road recently said he wouldn’t shed any tears for the old car design, saying it looked less than professional. “It was all flamingoes and shit.” --Rob Jordan

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