Miami Beach Resort Shooting Was Over Drugs, Not Hookers

Turns out the shooting at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa Saturday had nothing to do with hookers, but drugs. At least that's what the Miami Beach Police Department is saying. Oh, and that weird smell? It was pepper spray.

Despite CBS4's report that Roman Gubanov was shot by a pimp over a disagreement about hookers, he actually was shot by a drug dealer over a drug deal gone bad.

Police say Duran Reed and Turaine Burgers went to Gubanov and his friend's hotel room and opened fire. Reed was apparently trying to rip tourists off and attacked them with pepper spray. That accounts for the mysterious smell that caused the evacuation of more than 1,000 guests.

Gubanov died after a bullet hit his torso. Burges is in the medical ward with a gunshot of his own.

Where did CBS4 get its tip from? Did the reporters just figure that every shooting in Miami Beach is either about drugs or hookers and decide to take their chances? Sorry, bros -- it was drugs this time. Better luck next time.

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