Miami Beach Bike Sharing Program Launches in July, Broward May Follow

Starting this July, for just $15 a month members of the Decobike program will be able to check out bicycles at over 100 stations through out Miami Beach for unlimited 30 minute rides. The long discussed program follows similar programs in European cities like Paris.

The solar-powered stations will be dispersed ;through out the city, and each holds 8 to 16 bicycles. With the average time of a local bicycle ride for transportation purposes being about 16 minutes the idea is, for example, a rider could rent a bike near their apartment, drop it off at a station near the beach, get their tan on for a few hours, and then check out another on the way home.

Other payment plans are available for visitors and those who want to check out bikes for more than 30 minutes. Applications for smart phones would provide live data on inventory and station locations. Check out the Decobike website for more info (which of course features plenty of shots of generically pretty models in bathing suits).

The plan may be one of the first in America, but according to the Sun-Sentinel the entirety of Broward County may be following suit with a similar bike sharing program.

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