Miami Also Needs Dirt-Bike Trails

Not a day goes by when I drive through Miami that I don't think to myself: You know what this place really needs? Some friggin' dirt-bike trails! Hell yeah! 

Apparently, Manny Diaz thinks so too. He was up in D.C. yesterday along with a host of other mayors asking for handouts from Obama. Out of all the mayors, Diaz is asking for the most: $3.2 billion. We've already mentioned how he wants some of that money to go to building a water slide. Apparently, we also really need BMX and dirt-bike trails at Virginia Key Park. 

Manny defends the propositions to Fox News, claiming they aren't pork: 

"The difference is that at the local level, projects are as transparent as you can find. Earmarks are typically projects that are hidden in either federal or state budgets that people don't find out about till after the fact. Every project that cities get involved in go through a referendum process, go in front of the city council, or they are part of our budget or part of our capital plans individually for cities, so they are constantly being vetted."

Whatever. Dirt-bike trails and water slides and all of this sounds amazing. Let's ask Obama Clause for some municipal Jet Ski ramps and ponies for everyone too. Plus all the proposed projects would create an estimated 52,000 jobs in Miami. 

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