Mexican Navy Finds Sharks Stuffed to the Gills with Cocaine

This story doesn't really have a local hook per se, but I know you all love sharks, and I know you all love cocaine. So what if somehow, some way, sharks and cocaine came together in one slightly amusing but ultimately troublesome incident? 

Well, thanks to the ingenuity of Mexican drug lords, they have! That's right, the Mexican navy raided a ship and found 20 frozen shark carcasses filled with cocaine -- nearly one ton of the devil powder.

The smugglers were all like, "No, Mexican navy, that ain't cocaine -- it's a preservative to keep the shark bodies fresh." But the Mexican navy wasn't fooled, and preceded with the bust.

This is a symptom of Mexico's ongoing drug crackdown, and smugglers have taken increasingly desperate measures trying to move their product across the border. About 2,750 people have died in drug-related violence this year.

So, next time you club heads and other assorted "glamorous" junkies do a line off the inner thigh of a high-priced hooker, remember that someone probably died because of that cocaine. And if that doesn't get you, just think about all the unsavory places it's been stashed in order to get on that hooker's inner thigh and up your nose.

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