Mel Martinez Implies He Could Have Beat Obama in Florida

Here is Sen. Mel Martinez's first interview after announcing he won't seek reelection. It was conducted by Republican Lobbyist, and former Jeb advisor Justin Sayfie, for his internet computer website The Sayfie Review. The Herald's Beth Reinhard has already noted just how great it is for newspapers that politicians are giving exclusive interviews to partisan websites. 

Martinez says that this was a personal decision, not a political decision, and by the way, if he was the Republican Presidential nominee he could have easily done much better against Obama in Florida than John McCain did. You mean a politician could have done better in his home state than a ticket with an Arizonian and an Alaskan? Intriguing. Martinez also says he would be honored to be succeeded by Jeb Bush. Though, he'd like to put any rumors to rest about the next two years, and clarifies that he is very much looking forward to being our ineffective Senator for the remaining third of his term. 

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