Massage Parlor Accuses Police of Stealing Money During Armed Sting

Lord knows one of the worst crimes haunting our community is the evil of unlicensed massage. We just don't understand how parents can sleep at night knowing their children are growing up in a world where women, without proper documentation and trying to make ends meet, are lubing up the backs of strangers.

Miami-Dade's medical fraud unit regularly cracks down on the practice, but a recent sting is the center of an internal affairs investigation. Attorneys for Mind Body and Soul Massage claim detectives stole money and bullied employees during a sting January 14 and released surveillance video to Local 10 that they say proves it.

A half-naked undercover detective gets up from the table after the unlicensed massage begins and lets in three other detectives.The Local 10 copy says guns are drawn, though the accompanying video doesn't show that.

What is shown is detectives taking something from underneath a keyboard. The massage parlor claims that was $190 of their money. The police claim it was money used in the sting that they were merely retrieving.

Two young women were arrested for not having massage licenses, but the rest of the details aren't being released because the incident is under investigation.

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