Mary J. Blige Brought Diva Drama to Jazz in the Gardens?

Oh, Mary J. Blige, how we believed you when you told us you were "So tired. Tired of all this drama." But now sources are telling the New York Daily News that you brought your drama A game to this past weekend's Jazz in the Gardens festival at Sun Life Stadium, and we're not sure who to believe anymore.

See, Mary, a report by our musically inclined Crossfade cousin says you got things off to "such a frenzy that most of the 27,000 fans were on their feet and dancing" and "the event was characterized by a glowing positivity." But snitches say you were quite a diva behind the scenes, acting a hater to reporters and pushing back your set time.

"While she sat in her limousine, her personal guards came into the press tent to clear out the area like they were the Secret Service," says an insider.

"They first demanded that all print and online journalists be kicked out because Mary didn't want to take questions. They were acting like she was Michelle Obama or Queen Elizabeth."

After the guards were finished, Blige allegedly sent them in a second time to force the remaining reporters to back up 10 feet farther from where she would be standing.

They also say you made the crowd wait nearly 90 minutes until you finally went on.

Oh, Mary, tell us it's not so. Tell us it's just hateration and holleration on the part of the snitches, which you've informed us we, as a society, don't need. Just tell us we need to get it percolatin', to get crunk and have fun in this dancery -- this dancery we call life.

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