Marlins-Reds Afternoon Game Draws Fewer Spectators Than Your Average SoBe Bar Fight

Hey, remember how we're giving the Marlins a free baseball stadium because of the fiery, raging passion for baseball down here in Miami-Dade? Honestly, when you have the kind of fan base that bleeds teal-and-blue like the 305, nothing make more sense than investing hundreds of millions in ... wait, what's that? The Fish just played an afternoon game that drew less fans than your average Calle Ocho domino contest?

Everyone should frame this "crowd photo" and send it straight to Carlos Alvarez's house with a side of flaming turd sandwich.

To be fair and all, the Marlins did have to reschedule this game for this afternoon due to the impending rain showers that Hurricane Irene will dump all over us tomorrow.

But sweet sassy molassy, Miami! We can literally count every fan in the stadium for this game. And we count 27. That is not a good number.

Here's a larger look at the pic, snapped about an hour ago by sportswriter Tim Reynolds and posted to his Twitter

Any savvy investor will tell you: With consumers this eager to eat up your product, you'd be a madman not to sink $515 million into giving them more of what they want. That's only $19 million per fan who showed up today!

Thanks again, Carlos. Just go ahead and give that flaming bag on your front porch a good stomp. Thatta boy.

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