Marco Rubio Will Not Stop Until Every Floridian Has Seen Charlie Crist With Obama 1000 Times

Yesterday we showed you Charlie Crist's first television ad for his floundering bid for the US senate. It's an attack ad against his tea bagging superstar Republican rival Marco Rubio. 

Well, now Rubio has produced two ads of his own, and his campaign plans to buy up the 15 seconds before and after Crist's ad whenever possible to bracket it with his own. 

Go ahead and guess what the main point of the ads are.
Nope, it's not a detailed analysis of Crist's failings as Governor. Nor is it an impassioned retrospective of Rubio's own accomplishments (honestly, we're quite interested to hear exactly what those are). It's just that picture of Crist and Barack Obama with a crowd chanting "Yes we can." 

Can't the Rubio campaign come up with something better? We get it, ok. Charlie Crist hugged Barack Obama. Everyone knows.

This is basically the political equivelent of the "your argument is invalid" internet meme. As in, "Here's a picture of Charlie Crist with Barack Obama. Your argument is invalid." 


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