Marco Rubio Rated Best Potential Republican Presidential Candidate Based on Communication Skills

There's already at least one online moment hoping to draft Marco Rubio to run for President in 2012. Those supporters might not be completely insane. An analysis by former ABC News journalist and media professional Brad Phillips rates Rubio the best communicator of all potential Republican candidates. He got an "A" overall. The only other candidate to receive an "A"? Current President Barrack Obama, well Obama circa October 2008. Yep, Rubio is apparently a better communicator than present-day Obama.

Phillips used the seven following axioms, which he claims have held true since 1980, to evaluate the candidate:

# 1. The candidate with the clearest message has always won

# 2. The candidate who articulated the clearer vision has always won

# 3. The sunnier candidate with the more optimistic message has always won

# 4. The candidate whose message is best aligned with constituent concerns has always won

# 5. The more charismatic candidate has always won

# 6. The candidate who appeared most comfortable in his skin has always won

# 7. The candidate who uses the most plain-spoken language has almost always won

"Rubio is a media trainer's dream," wrote Phillips in an earlier analysis. "When asked to speculate, he refuses. When given an opportunity to slam the President, he passes, thus denying the reporter an off-message sound bite. When asked about his opponent's motives, he refuses to characterize his opponent's thinking and instead articulates his own."

"If Mr. Rubio runs, he would match well against President Obama's oratorical gifts. This guy's a phenom for a reason, and he earns the highest grade to date," he concludes.

Outlooks can change over two years though. Just ask Obama. Phillips rated the President an "A" on communication skills in October 2008, but downgraded him to a "C" for his recent strategy. Then again, his communication style is likely to change as he shifts into re-election mode.

Phillips also analyzes Jeb Bush. He got a "B-."

"Governor Bush's charisma is real, but understated," writes Phillips. "His obvious distaste for the interviewer's questions makes him look more like a professorial scold than a winning presidential candidate."

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