Marco Rubio Raised $1 Million, Including a Little from Karl Rove

Marco Rubio is the pretend boyfriend of the conservative movement right now. Future Ann Coulters and Mark Foleys have his National Review cover taped to their ceilings so he's the last thing they think about every night before they fall into deep dreams of a flat tax and no bilingual education.

All of this has netted Rubio a healthy $1 million in the latest fundraising quarter. That's a lot more than the paltry $340,000 he raised in the previous quarter, and it's a good sign his campaign will keep kicking into the primary season. But is it enough to topple Charlie Crist? The gov raised more than $4.3 million his first quarter out and is expected to have out-raised Rubio at least two-to-one this quarter.

Sometimes in politics, the dollar amount on the check means less than the name, and that might be the case now that Karl Rove has announced he donated to Rubio's efforts. In some circles, Rove is shorthand for everything wrong with the Bush administration, but in other circles (the ones where people chase their own tails for hours on end), it's still highly regarded. So, hey, the endorsement of sorts might help in the primary. However, the last time Rove inserted himself in a Florida Senate race, it was on behalf of Mel Martinez, and look how that turned out.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.