Marco Rubio Loves Waterboarding and Is Satan Because of It

Does Marco Rubio love torture? The Washington Post's Dana Milbank sure seems to think so.

During Rubio's CPAC speech yesterday, the crowd of conservative activists couldn't get enough of shouting, "Marco! Marco! Marco!"

"That Marco cheer always worries me because I'm always afraid that someone is going to starting screaming 'Polo' and would ruin the speech," quipped Rubio, who didn't take the opportunity to inform the spectators they should try the veal and that he'd be there all week.

Later in the speech, Rubio turned to terrorism and somehow linked it with the popular kids' game played in water. Hmmm.

"We will target and we will destroy terrorist cells and the leaders of those cells. The ones that survive, we will capture them," Rubio said.

"Waterboard them!" an audience member screamed.

"We will get important -- remember the Marco Polo thing I told you? We will capture them, we will get useful information from them, and then we will bring them to justice, in front of a military tribunal in Guantánamo -- as I said, in front of a military tribunal in Guantánamo, not a civilian courtroom in Manhattan," Rubio replied.

Well, he certainly seems to want to keep Gitmo open, but did Rubio just embrace the unpopular, controversial, discredited, and banned form of torture?

Milbank seems to think so. But he also seems to think Rubio is Satan incarnate.

It's a recurring theme in his piece about Rubio.

He refers to Rubio multiple times as "the anti-Crist" (ha-ha-ha, get it?).

"The anti-Crist came to Washington on Thursday. In the ballroom of the Marriott Wardman Park, they acted as if he were the Messiah."

"The devil may wear Prada, but the anti-Crist wore a flag pin on his lapel, a Bush-blue tie and a boyish smile."

"The crowd reacted as if the anti-Crist had preached the gospel. A man wearing a tricorn hat and carrying a Don't Tread On Me flag repeatedly shouted 'Amen!' A woman yelled 'Praise God!' And the others leapt to their feet in waves of ovations."

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Kyle Munzenrieder