Marco Rubio Greeted with Cheers at CPAC: Watch His Entire Speech

It was a watershed moment for Marco Rubio today as he delivered the key note speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference to rampant cheers and a standing ovation. In the 30 minute speech he rallied against moderates in the GOP, warned that Democrats could be leading America to a society that looks more like Castro's Cuba, appeared to take a stand against bipartisanship, trudged over well worn Conservative ideas, and mocked Obama for using a teleprompter while, yes, speaking in front of a teleprompter.

Here's some choice excerpts.

A not-so-veiled attempt to claim that Obama's America could look a lot like Castro's Cuba:

"People want leaders that will come here to Washington D.C. and stand up to this big government agenda, not be co-opted by it. The Senate already has one Arlen Specter too many. And America already has a Democrat party. It doesn't need another Democrat party."

A not-so-veiled attack at Gov. Charlie Crist and other so-called moderate Republicans:

"The U.S. Senate already has one Arlen Specter too many ...America already has a Democrat Party, it doesn't need two Democrat Parties."

On the meaning of the midterm elections:

"Twenty-ten will not be just a choice between Republicans or Democrats. It will not just be a simple choice between liberals and conservatives. It will be a referendum on our nations very identity."

On President's Obama perceived reliance on teleprompters, even though Rubio's remarks were pre-scripted and there were no shortage of teleprompters at CPAC. There was one in front of Rubio, though it's not clear if he used it:

Speaking about last weeks snow storm in DC: "And the president couldn't find anywhere to set up a Teleprompter to announce new taxes,"


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