Marco Rubio, Frederica Wilson Make List of Congressional Hotties

It's widely accepted that, for a politician at least, newly minted Florida senator Marco Rubio is kind of a hottie. I mean, he doesn't quite have that Aaron Schock six-pack, but no one would be embarrassed& to be caught up in a D.C. sex scandal with him. So it's no surprise that he ranks high on Gawker's "Official 2010 Congressional Freshmen Hot List." You know who also made the list? Our favorite hat lady, Miami Rep. Frederica Wilson!

"There are so many new members of Congress this year -- and some of them are even attractive, by Washington standards!," writes Jim Newell. "We've studied them all and plucked only the 'sexiest.' And your Gawker editors have scored them, to boot," before adding, "Also: Some of these people aren't hot in any way. But we thought you'd like to see pictures of them anyway."

​Wilson only scored a 4.1, which we think is kind of lowballing her. She looks good for 68, but we think she made the list as an excuse to show people her hats. (Though, Riptide still holds the honor of hosting the best place to see Wilson's hat collection ever.) Here's Gawker's reasoning:

Who got what out of this past election? Republicans got a ~60-seat gain in the House of Representatives. But Democrats got some crazy hat lady from south Florida! Frederica Wilson, we believe, is the only member of Congress who actually has a theme. "Who's Frederica Wilson?" someone might ask. "Oh she's um... you know... hats. The hat one," you'd respond, solving everything. But does she wear her trademark "hats" in bed? There's only one way to find out.
They went there.

Anyway, to get that image out of your head, we'll mention that Rubio walked away with a 6.9 (RAWR).
Conservatives adore Marco Rubio, and hope he'll become president one day. But isn't he already the president of sex? Assuming he has gone through puberty and is just a very diligent shaver, then yes, basically.
Obviously Rubio does not dare grow even a hint of a beard, because Cuban men with beards are always communists. Fact.

The other new D.C. face from Miami, David Rivera, did not make the list probably due to that face baring a strong resemblance to Mr. Bean's.

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Kyle Munzenrieder