Marco Rubio Celebrates Obama and Crist's First Anniversery

Do you remember where you were when everything changed forever exactly one year ago? When the most important political event in Florida history went down? When Charlie Crist man-hugged Barack Obama?

Riptide was there in the audience that unholy day, and we'll never forget. Neither will Marco Rubio. In fact, Rubio is practically throwing a celebration over the one-year mark, but he's not asking you to send presents to the happy couple. He wants them all to himself.

Rubio is holding an online "Money Bomb" that ends today, and he hopes to raise $787,000. So far, he's reached only $555,000, but that's not too shabby.

We're slightly disturbed about Rubio's out-and-out obsession over the man-hug. Especially considering he has said if he were governor, he'd end up taking stimulus money too.

Update: Oh, look, apparently Jim Defede now writes presumembly plagiarism free stories for The Daily Beast. Here's his latest, which is basically this but 10 times as long if you want more detail. 

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