Man Pistol Whipped for $3, Gold Chain and Cellphone

A 65 year-old man was pistol whipped this morning by two attackers who stole $3, a gold chain and a cellphone during a home invasion, Miami-Dade police said.

Thomas Pulido was dragged into his home at 2169 NW 80th St. where the attackers beat him. The Miami Herald reported that Pulido's roommate, Gustavo Gusman, 52, was also terrorized.

Gusman's son, Francisco Cintron, 24, was sleeping at the residence during the robbery. His cellphone was stolen.

Pulido was taken to a nearby hospital, according to the Miami Herald. Miami-Dade Robbery Bureau are still investigating the home invasion.

And of course, Riptide would feel bad about this if we hadn't looked at his criminal record. Dude was busted at least three times for selling cocaine in the 1990s, at least twice near a school.
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Lisel N. Holzapfel