Man Beaten By Police on Halloween Charged with Resisting Arrest

Gilberto Matamoros, the 21-year-old man who's brutal beating at the hands of out-of-control City of Miami police officers on Halloween night in Coconut Grove was caught on YouTube, is being charged with resisting arrest. There's still no clear explanation given for what exactly caused officers to repeatedly punch Matamoros in the first place, but a charge of disorderly conduct was dropped.

Matamoros is a college student with a history of volunteering at the Police Athletic League, of all places. His attorney, Ricardo Martinez-Cid, believed that prosecutors would drop all charges but was blind sided when his client was charged with resisting arrest.

"All he tried to do was cover his head until he passed out," Martinez-Cid tells WSVN, "and they beat him until he was unconscious, and they had to take him to Jackson Memorial Hospital."

At the behest of Mayor Regalado, the City of Miami police force has launched an internal investigation into the incident. Two of the officers involved has been placed on desk duty, but the force will not comment further until the investigation is complete.

Matamoros may have received the worst beating caught on the video, but several other citizens were manhandled by police.

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Kyle Munzenrieder