Maintenance Worker Shot on Ocean Drive While Evicting Tenant

In today's senseless murder news, a maintenance worker was shot dead while helping police evict a tenant from an Ocean Drive apartment in South Beach this morning. The shooter and a police officer were also injured, though neither seriously.

Police knocked on the door of an apartment at 465 Ocean Drive but got no answer. When the maintenance worker begin to change the locks, the tenant then suddenly opened the door and opened fire. The unidentified worker was shot and killed.

The police returned fire and the tenant was injured and transported to a local hospital. One of the officers was also injured, but not seriously.

The events cause a stir in the tourist-heavy neighborhood.

"I live in Chicago; I'm used to it, but it was just so sudden," one tourist told The Herald, in an apparent attempt to remind us all how hardcore Chicago is.

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Kyle Munzenrieder