Magic City Kitty: I'm Having a Baby With a Cokehead!

Hello, Kitty: After four months of me begging, my ex-girl and I

are finally back on good terms after my cheating ways caused our

relationship to crumble. We hang out nearly every night, and unlike

before, when we'd just party and get fucked up, we're actually spending

quiet, quality time together. And excuse my corniness, but I'm loving

every minute of it. Before our breakup, we had been together for nearly

five years and discussed marriage, a family, and all, so I'm glad to

get back on that path with her. But of course there's a problem -- a

pretty big problem. While we were broken up, I was fucking another girl

and she got pregnant. The worst part is she's keeping the baby, she's a

cokehead, and in around five months, I'm going to be the father of a

junkie's child. My girlfriend is going to be beyond pissed. I haven't

told her yet, and I want to wait until we're truly back at 100 percent

because I know this can be a deal breaker. We've always talked about

having kids, and she's going to be devastated to learn I'm having a

child. Please tell me how I can break this news to her without losing

her again.

Iam D. Fawther

Read Kitty's answer here.

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