Magic City Kitty: I'm a Playboy Dummy

Hello, Kitty: I've been seeing a girl in Virginia who recently came to Miami for the weekend. She's married but gives me the song and dance that she's going to leave her husband because he's boring, I'm fun, blah, blah, blah. Usually things are really cool between us, but this time, she found a condom wrapper in my bathroom trash can and flipped out. She screamed that I wasn't into her, said I was just playing her. But I never thought I couldn't fuck anyone else! Now she's acting crazy and throwing herself at guys right in front of me. I've never told her I wouldn't date anyone else. She left Miami on a bad note, and although I want to continue fucking her, I hate the drama. If there's a way I can salvage what we had, I'd like to. But if that last blowup means she expects exclusivity, I want no part of it. Help!

Stu Pyd

Read Kitty's answer here.

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