Magic City Kitty: I Spy the Other Woman

Hello, Kitty: Last weekend, my boyfriend and I argued after he woke me up by yelling in my ear while I was hung-over. Well, it was his normal speaking voice, but at 10 a.m. it sounded like he had a megaphone to my ear. I asked him: "Why the fuck are you yelling in my ear?" He called me a stupid motherfucker and rolled over. (He's staying with me for a few days, so the tension has made for an uneasy living situation.) Later, he told me to meet him at his fave brunch spot. When I drove up, he was eating with another chick! Being the cold-bottom bitch that I am, I didn't say anything -- took my keys and went home. He stayed out with her for hours. I know he fucked her. I feel so betrayed, like he traded me in. I feel replaceable now, and I can't even look him in the eye. We're in an open relationship, so technically he can do it, but I can't bear that he jumped her so quickly and blatantly. Should I leave him?

Playt Hard

Click here for Kitty's answer.

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