Magic City Kitty and LeBo shagged Basel

This column is usually a part of your "morning after"

cure, only summoned to solve the issues that too much liquor and too little

inhibitions can cause. But since the rest of the


City becomes the best/worst enabler

ever around Art Basel, I decided to join in the fray and become a part of the

problem. So, Kitty and Miami's

darling artist LeBo double-teamed the art-farts with a "One Night Stand" at the

Gibson Guitar Studios. Throughout the night, the chic, the cool and cultured masses  came to guzzle the cocktails by Touch Vodka and to

swipe the Glyde vegan condoms from under my nose, but stayed to peek at LeBo's post-modern interpretation of the only columnist to find 999 names for the

vajayjay. Yes, me. Speaking of the v-word, also on display was a piece by

Gustavo Tonelli, the artist photographer who took inspiration from the Magic

City Kitty concept to commemorate Kitty's first foray into the world of art and the answer to the age-old question...Where are my panties?

Check out the slideshow here.

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