Los Angeles Dubs Itself the "Northern Capital of Latin America," Apparently Forgets Miami Exists

Los Angeles is a city that has a tenuous grasp on reality. It's the world leader in making TV shows and movies, after all. It's also a place where it seems everyone has convinced themselves they're ten years younger than they actually are. Where women's proportions and men's hairlines an often aren't god-given. Where actors apparently lie for 15 years about having survived the World Trade Center attacks

Yet L.A. seems to have completely lost its damn mind when it decided to dub itself the "northern capital of Latin America." Which is awkward, because, well, that's totally Miami's thing. 

The bold claim comes in a promotional video meant to assist the City of Angels' bid for the 2024 Olympics. Set to the tunes of Canadian rock band Arcade Fire, the promo paints L.A. as an international city that's the "western capital of America" (sure, fair enough), the "eastern capital of the Pacific Rim" (we guess), and the "northern capital of Latin America."

But hold up, L.A. That's Miami's nickname. Simply Google "capital of Latin America," and after the recent news updates, see what pops up: the Wikipedia page for the City of Miami. 

And here's a Time Magazine article declaring us the Capital of Latin America back from 2001. 
And here's an excerpt from a President Obama speech from earlier this year: 

Los Angeles, are you calling America's best tech company, one of our oldest publications, and our own damn president liars? Is that what you're doing, L.A.? 

The "capital of Latin America" tag isn't something some focus group came up with and decided to foist upon Miami one day. It's a nickname the Magic City has earned organically over the years. Now, no one is denying the influence Latin America has had on Los Angeles, the city's relative importance to the region, or L.A.'s Hispanic community. It's just that this is like if a kid hit four home runs during a little-league game and everyone started calling him the "home-run kid," and then one day some older, bigger kid from a few blocks up the neighborhood decided to start calling himself the "northern home-run kid." It's just kind of embarrassing. 

Besides, this ad is meant to lure the Olympics to L.A., and aren't the Olympics supposed to be all about integrity and giving credit where it's rightfully due? Let's put it this way, L.A.: If "capital of Latin America" were an Olympic event, you might take silver or bronze, but Miami would get the gold. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder