Carlos Miller

Local Photographer Carlos Miller Found Guilty

So much for First Amendment rights. Carlos Miller, a local blogger and photographer, was arrested on February 20, 2007 for allegedly obstructing traffic as he was taking pictures of Miami police officers in a public space after they order him not to. After he started arguing with them about what his rights were, they handcuffed him and hauled him off to jail.

Yesterday, Miller informed the blogosphere of his results -- guilty on resisting arrest without violence. He was found not guilty on disobeying a police officer and disorderly conduct. The prosecutor asked that Miller receive three months probation and pay the court costs, instead Judge Jose L. Fernandez slapped Miller with a one-year probation, 100 hours of community service and $540.50 in court fees.

Ouch! Check out Bob Norman's thoughts on the matter.

Miller is no stranger of getting into sticky situations. Here is a video of him getting his ass kicked by Cuban exiles protesting outside of Versailles when San Francisco's Code Pink stopped by Miami to protest the release of Luis Posada Carriles, who they claim is nothing short of a terrorist. The exiles accused Miller of being an agent of Code Pink and Fidel Castro -- go figure.

- Jose D. Duran

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