Local Comic Needs Your Text Support So He Can Tell MySpace Jokes on Lincoln Rd

Art Basel is local artists' time to shine, and Winter Music Conference gives Miami-based DJs tons of exposure, but the South Beach Comedy Festival isn't really known for sharing its spotlight with local laugh artistes aside from Dave Barry. Of course with headliners such as Cheech and Chong, The Soup's Joel McHale, The Office's Craig Robinson, and Lisa Lampenelli, it's hard to get a quip in edgewise.

Local talent is relegated to the free Lincoln Raod stage, and they have to fight to get there. Nery Saenz emailed us and asked us to beg you to vote for him in some contest. Just text "Nery" to 638761. Of course since Riptide always encourages our readers to make educated voting decisions, here's a sample of Saenz's comedy:

"I have a girlfriend now. We've been dating for about two years now. We actually met online. Which is weird for me, cuz I had never done that before. So stop judging me right now! She's over 15 years old, so lay off. Well... she said she was over 15... Anyways, things are getting kind of serious. We've actually talked a lot about 'taking this to the NEXT level', which is cool. We think we are ready for it. So as a New Year's resolution, we thought we um... might... just... um... actually meet. Which is gonna be nice. I just hope she looks like her picture."

See a video of Saenz performing at the Miami Improv, after the jump.

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