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Live Blogging The Third Presidential Debate

The final Presidential debate is tonight, and since we've had so much fun live blogging this one and "that one" (can't forget this either, doncha know) we're doing it again. And just because we love you so much we're adding a special end of debate season bonus by live blogging the Congressional debate double header.

So drop by this post a little before 9pm for the main event, but come back earlier for another post that'll go up before 7pm for the congressional debates (airing on CBS4). That liveblog is now live: here.

Update: Alright, we are live after the jump!

--Kyle Munzenrieder

8:52 - This debate should be interesting. There's still a lot of territory that hasn't been covered in the previous two meetings, and there's a good chance things could get ugly. McCain has hinted that he may bring up the Ayers topic tonight, like it actual matters. Like, this Salon post says: "Maybe he's a terrorist -- at least he's not a Republican!"

9:00 - Here is the worse thing about tonight's debate: It airs during the finale of Project Runway. But in both cases we're pretty sure who's going to win: Barack/Leanne '08!

9:02 - Alright it is live. Bob Schieffer is moderating, much to Katie Couric's chagrin. Hey, an economy question. That only took up about 99% of the first two debates. Let's see if they say anything new.

9:03 - McCain: Shout outs to Nancy Reagan.

9:04 - McCain looks a lot less awkward in this sit down format, unlike last week when he was wandering McGoo. Grandpa in slippers. Mr. Wilson. Whatever.

9:05 - Obama: No shout outs for Nancy Reagan.

9:06 - Tie appraisal: alright, I think I like McCain's more. Ehhh, no I don't. Not really feeling either.

9:08 - Jayzus Kreest, we have sat through two of these already. Do we not get the gist of what the difference between these two are yet on the economy and taxes? Oh, but this time we get those points illustrated by some guy named Joe the Plumber. Who I'm sure LOVES being referred to as Joe the Plumber on national TV.

9:12 - Let's name Joe the Plumber secretary of the treasury.

9:13 - Yadda yadda taxes. At this point I think people just hope that they even have enough money to pay taxes on.

9:16 - I am totally agreeing with Obama that we need to invest smartly and effectively in good government programs and infinitives so that we pay less in the future.

9:17 - Oh dear God, I'm not sure that I trust McCain with a hatchet or a scalpel. He could put someone's eye out with that!

9:19 - This debate is so repetitive so far that McCain gets to reuse that overhead projector remark, and it's still stupid.

9:20 - Oh, oh, oh McCain: "If you wanted to run against Bush you should have run four years ago." Well, McCain, if you wanted to differentiate yourself from Bush you shouldn't have voted with him so damn often. Also, if you wanted to run against Bill Ayers you should have run for supreme terrorist wizard of the weathermen!

9:22 - Standing up to the leaders of his party? Um, how about running against Hillary Clinton?

9:23 - Haha, Obama just touched on Fox News' bias during the debate. For some reason McCain's eyes go like this O_O

9:25 - O shit, finally here's something new. Bob is calling out both campaigns for their various dirty attacks. It's gonna get good.

9:26 - McCain says he's sorry for a lil bit of it, then he talks about something some guy said about segregation. Listen, at this point, having someone say you're associated with segregation may actually help hold your fundie base together.

9:29 - Why does McCain think he would have benefited from town hall meetings? He did pretty poorly during the town hall debate last week.

9:29 - Sorry Obama, but I WOULD not like it if for the next three weeks all you two did is rehash your stump speeches on the economy. We know! We know! And if people don't know they can fucking google it.

9:30 - Oh, McCain kept pushing the Lewis thing, which only gives Obama a chance to bring up those nasty Palin rally shout outs. Doesn't mention Palin by name.

9:33 - "Those veterans that wear those, those, those hats?" What are you talking about?

9:35 - Oh God, McCain is bringing up Acorn and Ayers is "a washed up old terrorist", which he does not care about. You don't care about terrorists?

9:36 - Obama is going to set the record straight about Ayers, but oops doesn't mention that meet and greet. Which, whatever, it's not really an issue.

9:40 - McCain says his campaign is about jobs and taxes and shit after talking about William Ayers for 15 minutes (or two weeks really).

9:42 - Bresh of freath air.

9:44 - Obama does not like talking about Palin, but Bob asked him directly. He is really not even going to go there, and just let her speak for herself. But ZING: how we gonna help autism if we have a spending freeze?

9:45 - McCain just said "cockamamie."

9:46 -There really are times where we need to spend more. Especially if things are woefully underfunded.

9:52 - Whoops, had to get up for a second. Did I miss anything?

9:53 - O, they're talking about Latin America. Damn it. That is a very important topic for my audience.

9:54 - "The last president who tried that was Herbet Hoover. I was about 52 back then, I remember."

9:57 - Here is my pre-canned liveblog effort for the health insurance portion: OBAMA'S IS BETTER! OBAMA'S IS BETTER! OBAMA'S IS BETTER!

9:59 - McCain: Fat kids are ruining this country!


10:00 - Oh, deary me. Here's Joe the Plumber again, who is the only voter in America. Does Joe have a proper last name? Is it Sixpack?

10:01 - From my personal standpoint: I hear answers for my health care situation now or possible situations in the future in Obama's answers. I don't here those in McCain's.

10:03 - Ahah! Don't your remember Joe is poor! Don't you remember the set up for this stupid fucking metaphor I made up an hour ago? Gotcha!

What the fuck? No one really cares about Joe the Plumber, not even Mrs. Joe the Plumber. "Congratulation Joe, you're rich!" Congratulations John, you're wacky.

10:05 - Lets not even pretend. People are obviously going to vote for a candidate who has their same name, because that is just neat. So all Joes are voting for Joe Biden and Joebama. Sorry, McCain.

10:07 - Alright, abortion time. McCain is going to not answer the question and instead attack Obama, because deep down he is a secret baby killer and he doesn't have the heart to let the base down. Seriously, McCain does not want the end of abortion to be his legacy. His former, sorta pro choice stance was what made him a maverick!

10:09 - Maybe McCain doesn't have to say he is against abortion to score points with the base, he just has to let Obama say he is for roe v. wade. But whatever that base is a bunch of fucking yokels.

10:10 - My "H" key is sticking. Sorry if there are missing "H"s everywhere.

10:10 - I only know who Lily Ledbetter is because sometimes I read Jezebel. Alright, you got me.

10:11 - Did you just see McCain's eye role? Jeezum. Someone should tell him to draw pictures of unicorns on his paper or something. These reaction shots do nothing for him.

10:15 - Health of the mother? Pfffft that's just a myth fancy liberal speak. Being concerned about the health of the mother is practically communist.

10:16 - Alright education time.

10:17 - yaya, I love everything Obama is saying.

10:18 - McCain: Education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century. Gays? What are those? Never heard of 'em.

10:19 - We find ineffective teachers another line of work - like being a plumber.

10:22 - Sometimes I miss the dry cackle that is Hillary's voice in these here debates.

10:23 - Wait, didn't Obama just say he was for vouchers? Why is McCain attacking him about it? Did I miss something while fantasizing about Hillary Clinton?

10:24 - Could someone tell McCain that Autism and Down's Syndrome are two different thing. Why would Palin know about Autism better than most? Is he suggesting she has it?

10:26 - Oh, charters, vouchers. Whatever.

10:26 - Oy vey, McCain just can't let keep from making those creepy little interjections.

10:27 - Time for the closing statements.

10:28 - I completely spaced out during McCain's.

10:29 - Ok, here is Barry to wake us up.

10:30 - Oh great someone just ruined Project Runway for me. Way to go, Peebs. Ugh.

10:31 - Obama wins. Why not? I don't think McCain was as bad as last time, but he is just so creepy some time with his eye roles and his unfunny jokes.

10:31 - Well it's over. The set goes back the whatever PBS High School American History Quiz show it came from. Joe the Plumber is now the most famous man in America, and they finally touched on some topics that had so far not been brought up in the debates.

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